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Best CPA Network for affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Network Program Is A Huge Success For Advertisers

Best CPA Network for affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Network Program Is A Huge Success For Advertisers

Article by Click Booth Network

The notion of an affiliate network program has been redefined in regards to Internet marketing. While it has been viewed as a traditional marketing technique, advertisers and marketing departments are generating large returns on investment (ROI) with minimal risk with’s affiliate CPA network.

Advertisers and marketing departments have traditionally relied on advertising and marketing strategies that produced results that were somewhat difficult to quantify. In order to resolve this problem, has come up with an affiliate network program that not only quantifies results, but is also creating remarkable success for advertisers.

The benefits of the affiliate CPA network reduces bulk advertising expenditure as it is a “cost per action” or “cost per acquisition” cost structure. What this means is that an advertiser would only pay for the results of the advertising such as sales, clicks, registrations and/ or a combination of the three. The affiliate CPA network reduces the risk of the marketing investment strategy, and improves ROI as a result of each cost essentially netting a result.

In many ways the affiliate network program at has turned advertising into a highly granular activity as opposed to traditional advertising methods such as television and radio advertising. In order for the affiliate network program to have a sustainable future, there needs to be mechanisms in place that ensure the integrity of the system. has a compliance team dedicated to ensuring that the affiliate performance is genuine. As a partial result of the compliance team’s ability to maintain an inventory of high integrity affiliates, was ranked as the number five fastest growing businesses by Inc. Magazine in 2009.

The affiliate CPA network essentially benefits affiliates and advertisers in ways that traditional marketing avenues such as television and radio were simply unable to attain. The affiliate network program at contains affiliates that are among the best of the best in the business. Several of the affiliates work exclusively with The breadth of over 20,000 affiliates covers many niche markets, which easily allows advertisers to find synergistic opportunities to provide maximal impact for the campaign.

As advertisers and marketing departments are capitalizing on the affiliate network program of the marketing industry as a whole is undergoing a paradigm shift. Rather than placing advertising dollars television and radio advertising, which can be viewed as a shotgun approach to advertising, businesses are finding much greater success with the affiliate CPA network as a result of its 24/7 availability and the result driven cost structure.

Both affiliates and advertisers are enjoying great success with’s affiliate network program and the result is helping to transform an industry. is an Internet marketing business that was created in September of 2002. They help organizations leverage the Internet to drive sales through their high integrity affiliate cpa network.’s affiliate network program provides advertisers and marketing departments the highest level of integrity and an increased ROI for their marketing budget.

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Make Money with Two Tier Affiliate Program

Best CPA Network for affiliate Marketing

Make Money with Two Tier Affiliate Program

Article by Terry Cartwright

Affiliate programs offer an excellent opportunity to make money online with two tier affiliate programs potentially the most lucrative of all providing a viral network for the affiliate marketing program and affiliates the benefit of substantial residual earnings. A two tier affiliate program pays commission to affiliates at two levels, on sales generated from your own website link plus a percentage of the commission earned by other affiliates introduced to the affiliate program through your link.

The HypeJoin a Two Tier Affiliate Program and become Super Rich in the virtual world virtually overnight simply by placing a link on your website then sit back and watch enormous lumps of money swell your own private cash pile growing by the hour. Amazing! Fantastic! New car, new home, extended holidays, all while you relax by the pool and your affiliate program link delivers you super rich status! It is that easy!

Welcome to the real world.Fact a two tier affiliate program has the absolute potential to make you serious amounts of money. It won’t happen overnight; it will require dedication, persistence and a completely focused work ethic targeted at building your affiliate program business. You can do it from home; you can do it part time.But can it happen? – Most definitely YES! Your financial dreams really can come true with a two tier affiliate program.It will require work, you can make money with Affiliate Program and the harder you work the more you will make. Sit back and do nothing and that’s what you will make – Nothing!

Join a Two Tier Affiliate ProgramLook for a two tier affiliate program that pays a good tier one commission and most important an excellent tier two commission. Level one commission are the rewards for your efforts. Level two commissions are crucial to building your residual income. A 50% level two commission only requires two affiliates to join your affiliate program to double your income if you encourage your affiliates to work at your level. When you join a Two Tier Affiliate Program you are running your own affiliate marketing program. Join a free affiliate program.

Affiliate Program ContentPlacing a link on your website while essential is not nearly enough. Add real content, quality content either provided by the affiliate program website or search the internet, article sites being an exceptional resource. Add high quality content to your affiliate program website. In addition to directly relevant content and a link to the affiliate program website add a second link direct to that affiliate program website sign up page. Focus the content to encourage visitors to click through to the affiliate program. Stimulate visitor interest, pose the question and provide the answer in a link through to the affiliate program website. The Affiliate Program website is where you earn your commission and where you want the visitor to go.

Optimise Affiliate Program Content PageUse Meta tags to optimise the affiliate program page for search engines:TITLE “Content Specific and relevant” maximum 80 characters, preferably 70META NAME Description “Use your keywords to write description and keep below 250 characters, preferably 150″META NAME Keywords “Choose 5 – 10 keywords that will get your site on the first 10 organic search pages”META NAME Robots AllChoosing the highest volume search terms is tremendously beneficial if your affiliate program content page has a high page rank. Be realistic, if your affiliate program page has a lower page rank choose less popular keywords to increase your chance of being searched. Use a free optimisation site to ensure title; description; keywords and relevancy score 100%. After optimisation submit the affiliate program webpage with the two tier affiliate program links using a free submission service to get the affiliate program page indexed and listed.If your website has a site map add the affiliate program page to that map for indexing

Link Popularity Drives TrafficList the affiliate program content page on suitable directories, hundreds of links back to this page will drive traffic and improve the page rank.Write articles relevant to the affiliate program content and post these through the internet. Consider an article submitter to automate part of this process, avoid spamming the article sites. Writing good quality articles will increase link popularity and drive even more traffic to your content page. Get articles from the Two Tier Affiliate Program website.Approach and write articles for ezines and newsletters relative to content or your 2 tier affiliate program.Conduct searches using main industry keywords to find similar content websites and invite non competitive sites to join your two tier affiliate program.

Set and Achieve TargetsSet targets for sales and affiliate recruitment, work at page content and popularity links to drive traffic to achieve the targets. It helps if your affiliate marketing program is a free affiliate program. A free affiliate program is one less barrier to joining your affiliate program.Be persistent and determined. Achieve the goals of your very own affiliate marketing program. The cash will follow. Remember Lady Luck? Lady Luck is proportionate to the number of chances you make for yourself. Give yourself enough chances and Lady Luck will smile in your direction. Good Luck.

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How To Do Pay Per Click Affiliate

Best CPA Network for affiliate Marketing

How To Do Pay Per Click Affiliate

Article by Pay Per Click Marketer

Originally most affiliate stuff were pay per click affiliate things programs where webmasters got paid to send people to an affiliate link. This would be most preferable to webmasters, just to get the potential customer to the website and get paid. Most affiliate programs have begun preferring cost per action because there is more profit to be made on their end. Finding pay per click affiliate programs has been harder to do but still not an impossible task.

It is understandable why pay per action affiliate programs would be preferred by many businesses. With pay per click, there is still a risk involved. You have to make sure that the title and ad itself is written in such a way that it meets all the website’s guidelines that can be pretty strict. You also have very limited space and you have to make sure that you have just the right keywords. If you happen to catch someone who isn’t exactly interested in what you are offering and they click through but don’t buy, you very well may have wasted that money.

They have to decide about how many click throughs convert into sales and that can be an pretty inexact science sometimes. Because of the risk and the potential cost involved and that smaller businesses may have a very limited advertising budget, they will often decide to go the much safer route and use an affiliate program in which they only pay for actual sales.

There are still pay per click affiliate programs to be found and most of them can be found in networks such as the Commission Junction. As with most affiliate programs, you will want to use networks such as that just so you can investigate what programs work and which ones do not. It will also help you keep track of clicks and payments received and will keep track of multiple sites for you.

The bulk of the pay per click affiliate programs are going to be things like online dating, casinos and other situations where they are likely to be making money off of anyone who comes to their site. If you can find a program like one of these that fits the type of site that you want to have or is something that you are comfortable with, then these pay per click affiliate programs are for you.

If you can work to get a lot of traffic to your website then pay per click affiliate programs can be incredibly profitable. Most accounts with affiliate marketing directories are free so there is very little cost involved there.

If you do decide to try a pay per click affiliate program you are going to have to work on getting a lot of traffic. The amount of money that you make per click is very small. In many cases it can be less than a dollar. In cases where there is a decent dollar amount per click (-10) there may be a high demand for people wanting that one so there could be a lot of people chasing after those few dollars that is in many advertising budgets.

It will take a lot of work to have a pay per click affiliate program that becomes successful but, as with everything else in internet marketing, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

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Is Google Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

Best CPA Network for affiliate Marketing

Is Google Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

Article by Ricardo Saldana

Actually, all affiliate marketing programs are profitable when you know what you’re doing.

Granted many affiliates gravitate to the electronic products found through programs like Clickbank and PayDotCom. The problem is that you have an overabundance of competition for the placements in an organic search with these high dollar commission products. So when you consider what is going to be profitable and what isn’t, don’t overlook the possibilities found in Google affiliate marketing.

People who use the Internet are looking for tons of things besides what Clickbank has to offer.

The entire world is not looking for registry cleaners and the secrets to making a killing on the Forex. Have you any idea how many Internet users don’t even know what Forex is, let alone that you can trade it. Many people have no interest in anything that Clickbank may have to offer. This makes the opportunities found at Performics through Google Affiliate Network off some grand possibilities. When you are actively involved in Google affiliate marketing you really can make a good deal of profit.

Clickbank does not pay commissions for leads but many Google affiliate marketing programs do.

A lot more of your visitors will buy into an opt-in or catalog offer than they will actually make a purchase. This is something every new affiliate marketer really needs to consider. It is also wise to look at the huge advantage the king of keywords and organic search can bring to the arena of affiliate promotions. None of the other affiliate programs will have the inside scoop you would get from Google. This should be a no brainer to anyone who has even a basic concept of what makes affiliate marketing so profitable.

It isn’t as easy to join the Google affiliate marketing network as it is with many others.

On one hand this might worry you, but on the other you are assured that all those who are competing for the commissions through such illustrious brands are all very professional. Relevancy and appearance are just as important to Google’s affiliate partners as it is to their search engine operation. Those who want to do marketing without a website will not be able to get involved in this affiliate program.

You must have a website completed and operating to apply to Google affiliate marketing.

Google doesn’t allow any riff raff into their new profitable program because they represent some huge brands that demand excellence even with their affiliate partners. Becoming an affiliate with Google’s marketing operation will be a fine feather in your online business cap. Here you will be able to take great advantage of cost per action commissions which are bigger than just a sale.

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Being Top Of Cost Per Click Doesn’t Always Mean The Best Return On Investment For Your Company

Best CPA Network for affiliate Marketing

Being Top Of Cost Per Click Doesn’t Always Mean The Best Return On Investment For Your Company

Article by Ian Spencer

When any client, business, customer or website owner sets up their very first cost per click campaign, it is amazing how many people will just spend hundreds of pounds to be top. What many of the smaller cost per click users do not really understand is that being top of the cost per click listings, and therefore bidding the most, doesn’t always mean you are going to get the best returns for your investment.

It is important to think about the amount of money you are spending in relation to the amount of income a conversion from this click will cost. For example, if you are bidding £1 just to be top of the listings and only selling a product for £1.20, the margin is so small that your return on investment would be minimal. But, if you were spending 50p for the very same click, as you can easily see, the return on investment would be much higher and this is very achievable if you are prepared to work hard at your cost per click campaign.

Where the majority of the cost per click campaigns fail is trying to achieve the top spot, which often means competing against the major competitors who have a far higher marketing budget and can afford to bid far higher than most of the smaller bidders. By decreasing your bid and going for a middle position in the results, you are reducing the amount of click throughs you are going to achieve but you are also going to be spending less per click, which means if you achieve ten clicks at 50p each, you would only be getting 5 clicks for the same budget if you were bidding a pound per click, meaning double the clients for half the expenditure.

So, if you spent a daily budget of £5.00, you would get five clicks for being top, but ten clicks for being 5th, assuming there were that many people clicking that far down, which research and experience will tell you there most certainly is.

If you look at the list below, this is an example of how you can get a better return on your cost per click investment.

Position One – £1.50 Per ClickPosition Two – £1.30 Per ClickPosition Three – £1.10 Per ClickPosition Four – £1.00 Per ClickPosition Five – £0.75 Per ClickPosition Six – £0.50 Per Click

Even though position six will attract less click throughs, you will still achieve some, meaning that for EXACTLY the same search term, you will get traffic, and this is proven that if you are in the top six cost per click results, you can achieve a decent level of click throughs which just increases your return on investment.

Being top doesn’t always work for many smaller companies, and that is something must always be remembered.

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He has worked in the SEO and Internet Marketing world for many years, and working in partnership with another company has launched the new SEO business.





The basics joining an Affiliate Program Business

Best CPA Network for affiliate Marketing

The basics joining an Affiliate Program Business

Article by Alonda Pennas

Affiliate program businesses are still on a roll as the boom in the affiliate industry continues. Many are a part of this industry, and many more want to enter it, either as merchants or as affiliates. The world of affiliate business continues to change and everyone needs to adapt to these changes to be able to stay in the business. The best way to have the ability to go with the radical flow of affiliating is to have firm grasp of the fundamentals. The basics of putting up and operating an affiliate program business are vital to success.

Affiliate Program Business Introduction

A website is the flag that signifies the company it belongs to. In the past only the well established and highly profitable companies have their own websites. But nowadays, thanks to the continuous evolution of the Internet, setting up a website has become so easy anyone can do actually do it. The fastest and easiest way of building a website is by using an online website builder that has ready-made templates and other webpage elements you can choose from to construct your very own unique website design. These sites will also be the ones to provide your sites URL for you. The downside to using these site builders is that most of them attach advertisements on webpages that are made with them, and their greatest advantage is the ability to design a website and get it online in less than an hour.

Design only grabs the attention of human readers, but before people can marvel at the beauty and greatness of your sites appearance, they must first be able to find it. And for people to find your site, the best and fastest way is that they find it in the results page of the major search engines. And one of the best ways you can get good rankings on the trusted search engines is through search engine optimization or SEO. SEO however can prove to be complex and hard to do especially to those who have never even heard of it before. A good alternative to SEO in getting your website seen is engaging in an affiliate program. Such action allows you to profit from your content-driven website’s traffic as well as make sales with the same website.

Affiliate Program Business Definition

An affiliate program sometimes also called associate program in layman’s terms is a system of arrangements in which an online website known as a merchant website pays affiliate websites commissions to send traffic to it. The affiliate websites post links to divert the traffic they receive to the merchant site. They are then paid depending on the affiliate agreement. The commissions may be based on the number of visitors the affiliate site sends to the merchant site, the number of people the affiliate site sends to the merchant site and clicks at least one of the product advertisements, or the number of visitors directed to the merchant site by the affiliate site and actually makes a purchase. The framework of the agreement is that the merchant pays according to the agreement the associate whenever his affiliate site brings site traffic or money to the merchant website. The recruitment of affiliates is not only a great way to sell products over the internet but it is also a great marketing strategy as it provides the merchant website a unique competitive advantage. Networking can be said to be one of the best and most effective ways to get your site famous online.

There are at least three parties in an affiliate program transaction:

1. The Customer

2. The Affiliate Site

3. The Merchant Site

The concept of having an affiliate program business which utilizes the World Wide Web as a marketing strategy was first announced to the public in 1996 by CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos. encourages affiliates to post links to the Amazon website in general or to specific books. Whenever someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase the affiliate who owns the link will receive a certain pre-agreed percentage of the earnings. All the affiliate need to do is to send traffic, and the rest is done by like order taking, money collection and product shipment. is not only the first affiliate program business; it is also on of the most successful with more than half a million affiliate websites.

Over the years affiliate programs have grown to epic proportions and have taken many different forms. Affiliate program businesses are now everywhere and they are found in almost every niche of the business world. Many companies specializing in e-commerce now function as merchants while those who do little or totally no e-commerce work as affiliates.

Affiliate Program Business Basic Payment Methods

There are three basic types of affiliate program payment arrangements:

1. Pay-Per-Sale (Cost-Per-Sale)

The pay-per-sale agreement has been popularized by the mother of affiliate program businesses Under cost-per-sale the affiliate is earns commissions from the merchant each time he sends a customer to the merchant website and that customer makes an actual purchase. Amazon and many others pay a specific percentage of the sale as commission while others pay a fixed rate for every sale.

2. Pay-Per-Click (Cost-Per-Click)

Pay-Per-Click is considered by many as the most popular and common affiliate agreement. Under such agreement affiliates are paid fixed rates based on the number of visitors who click on the links placed on the affiliate website that lead to the merchant website. A purchase is not required to earn commissions, all that has to be done is that the visitor clicks the link and stays for a certain time usually at least 30 seconds on the merchant website. Whatever the visitor does once he gets to the merchant site does not affect the commission.

3. Pay-Per-Lead (Cost-Per-Lead)

Under the pay-per-lead arrangement affiliates are paid based of how many visitors they send to the merchant website and subsequently sign up as leads. Signing up as leads means that the visitors fill out the information request form at the merchant site. Leads are used as targets for conversion into customers or are simply sold to other companies which are in search of leads.


Affiliate Program Business Other Payment Methods

A company sets up an affiliate program based on its needs. Therefore, it is very usual for a company to have an affiliate agreement having some variations with the basic payment methods. There are also three common variations of affiliate program payment methods.

1. Two – tier programs

Affiliate program businesses that offer two-tier agreements profit through sales recruitment and commission sales hence thy have a structure similar to network marketing business or multilevel marketing organizations. In addition to the traditional commissions based on sales, clicks or leads facilitated by the affiliate’s site, commissions based on the activity or productivity of referred affiliate sites are also received.

2. Residual Programs

Affiliates under this arrangement are continuously paid commissions if the visitors they get to go to the merchant website also continue to make purchases of products and services from the merchant. This king of arrangement is usually utilized by online merchants who require regular payments usually on a monthly basis from their customers.

3. Pay-Per-Impression (Cost-Per-Impression)

Online merchants who make use of this arrangement which is also sometimes referred to as pay-per-view pays commissions according to the number of visitors affiliates can cause to see the merchant’s banner ad. Such arrangement has been developed as an advertising strategy but has now been adopted as an affiliate strategy.

The reduced risk is the biggest advantage of the payment methods utilized by affiliate program businesses because a merchant pays out commissions only when its desired results are met. Traditional advertising like television and radio ads as well as online banner ads are relatively risky on the part of the advertiser because they are like placing their money on a bet that the advertisements will be effective and achieve whatever they are suppose to achieve. The ad is considered as a success when it brings to the merchant more money than what was spent, but this is unfortunately not always the case. With affiliate programs on the other hand, the online merchant only pays out commissions when things are going the way he wants them. It is far easier for websites to join affiliate programs than it is for them to attract advertisers but much less risky for merchants.

Affiliate Program Business Administration

Affiliate programs are relatively simple and easy to manage, all they need is some dedication and patience because there should always be someone tracking the actual activity of all affiliate’s links to be able to provide them proper commissions.

Common data an affiliate program business should always be aware of are as follows.

1. The number of people who click on the merchant site’s link on an affiliate site

2. The number of people who end up buying something or performing some other predetermined action once the affiliate sends them to the merchant site.

3. The number of people who see the merchant site’s banner link on an affiliate site

4. The original arrangement between the merchant and each affiliate as well as changes if any.

Both merchant and affiliates need a lot of effort to enter the affiliate industry. Merchants need to actively seek and recruit affiliates while affiliates need to actively search for affiliate programs they might be interested in. Many huge and successful affiliate programs like even deal with their affiliates directly because the benefits they reap from their associates are more than worth direct administration. Such companies are in complete control of the payout process and the merchant is the sole entity that determines the amount of commission each affiliate will receive. In spite of this fact, these companies still attract a lot of associates due to the fact that there is no real risk or cost in their program. Affiliates simply put links up and wait for commissions.

Affiliate Program Business Networks

Affiliate networks composed of affiliate brokers serve as mediators between merchants and affiliate program websites and affiliates. They assist the associates put up the links in their websites and also track all the activity of these links as well as arrange all payments. Affiliate networks are also beneficial to merchants in the sense that they help recruit affiliates by including the merchant’s website in their online affiliate program directory. Help centers and report centrals are the common features of affiliate networks though additional features may vary.

Affiliate networks are most beneficial to aspiring affiliates because through them a wide variety of affiliate programs become available in one central location making finding a good and suitable program that fits your site much easier. Affiliate networks of course, as payment for the convenience they serve take a certain cut on each transaction they facilitate which is usually around 20% of the affiliate commission.

Any type of website can involve itself into an affiliate program though most affiliate network service agreements forbid offensive and pornographic content. Successful affiliate program businesses though referred to as merchants do no even need to make sales to gain profits. Content based affiliate businesses in fact get most of their earnings from advertisers which where attracted into advertising on the merchant website because of the high volume of traffic its affiliates are sending to it; hence there is direct conversion of traffic into profit. Pay-per-click affiliate programs are one of the most efficient means of increasing traffic.

It can be said that there are as many kinds of affiliates as there are types of businesses. Generally, any website from top sites to personal pages can take part in an affiliate program, and with the correct choices can earn themselves some money. There also exist affiliate businesses which are just actually huge collections of many affiliate programs. These sites operate by joining a lot of pay-per-click or pay-per-lead advertisement programs and then offer their visitors a portion of the commission they receive on each click or offer them a chance to win big rewards.

Becoming an Affiliate Program Businessman

The first choice for anyone wanting to involve himself in affiliate programs is whether to be a merchant or an affiliate or both. Setting up an affiliate program and becoming an affiliate merchant is the best choice for those who operate an e-commerce site and desire to improve their sales. Becoming an affiliate of several merchants is the best choice on the other hand for people who own small content sites and run them only as a hobby. The choice is likely to be influenced by the budget and the element of affiliate programs what suites your website the most.

Entering an affiliate program as an associate is quite easy. Just go to the merchant website and fill out the online affiliate application form. The form is likely to ask of your name, address, desired payment method and other personal information as well as information on your website like URL, name, and content description and then of course have you agree to the merchant’s service agreement. Affiliate networks are generally free.

Once you receive the approval of the affiliate network you are then ready to start selecting the affiliate programs that interest you. Since most affiliate programs accept affiliates at no cost al all, it is best to immediately discard all programs than charge membership fees. Once selection is complete, the merchants you have selected will then review our site and once they accept your site they will guide you step by step on the process of appropriately posting links. Payment arrangements will also be finalized during this guide. Most affiliate programs require associates to reach a minimum earning threshold before they release commissions because of the fact that the amount an affiliate earns per transaction is relatively small. This means that no payment will be received by the affiliate until he reaches the particular minimum amount. After everything is set up and all has been explained to you, you can then start working on your website to help you earn more money.

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