Is Google Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

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Is Google Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

Article by Ricardo Saldana

Actually, all affiliate marketing programs are profitable when you know what you’re doing.

Granted many affiliates gravitate to the electronic products found through programs like Clickbank and PayDotCom. The problem is that you have an overabundance of competition for the placements in an organic search with these high dollar commission products. So when you consider what is going to be profitable and what isn’t, don’t overlook the possibilities found in Google affiliate marketing.

People who use the Internet are looking for tons of things besides what Clickbank has to offer.

The entire world is not looking for registry cleaners and the secrets to making a killing on the Forex. Have you any idea how many Internet users don’t even know what Forex is, let alone that you can trade it. Many people have no interest in anything that Clickbank may have to offer. This makes the opportunities found at Performics through Google Affiliate Network off some grand possibilities. When you are actively involved in Google affiliate marketing you really can make a good deal of profit.

Clickbank does not pay commissions for leads but many Google affiliate marketing programs do.

A lot more of your visitors will buy into an opt-in or catalog offer than they will actually make a purchase. This is something every new affiliate marketer really needs to consider. It is also wise to look at the huge advantage the king of keywords and organic search can bring to the arena of affiliate promotions. None of the other affiliate programs will have the inside scoop you would get from Google. This should be a no brainer to anyone who has even a basic concept of what makes affiliate marketing so profitable.

It isn’t as easy to join the Google affiliate marketing network as it is with many others.

On one hand this might worry you, but on the other you are assured that all those who are competing for the commissions through such illustrious brands are all very professional. Relevancy and appearance are just as important to Google’s affiliate partners as it is to their search engine operation. Those who want to do marketing without a website will not be able to get involved in this affiliate program.

You must have a website completed and operating to apply to Google affiliate marketing.

Google doesn’t allow any riff raff into their new profitable program because they represent some huge brands that demand excellence even with their affiliate partners. Becoming an affiliate with Google’s marketing operation will be a fine feather in your online business cap. Here you will be able to take great advantage of cost per action commissions which are bigger than just a sale.

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